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What is the best bass fishing rod?

The best bass fishing rod depends upon its bass fishing application. For instance a bass fishing rod that will perform the best for frog fishing in thick vegetation is a very different bass rod than one designed for crankbait fishing. There are different bass rods for all of the various bass fishing techniques that bass fishermen employ.

I am a Bass Fishing Charter Guide on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I have been catching bass in the ponds, lakes and canals all over Florida for more than 40 years. In the article below, I will cover everything that I know about choosing the right bass fishing rod for your individual bass fishing needs.

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What are bass fishing rods made out of?

Most bass fishermen prefer rods made out of graphite. Graphite rods are lighter and more sensitive than a composite rod. A composite bass rod is made from combining graphite and fiberglass.

Composite rods are also known as crankbait rods because that is one of the best application for that type of rod. A crankbait rod needs to be light and sensitive but also needs to be durable and have slower action.

The composite rods give bass anglers the best of both worlds. You get the good qualities of graphite and the good qualities of fiberglass because those rods are perfect for crankbait fishing. They give you enough bend in your rod when the bass strikes but it is not so rigid that you will pull the hooks out of the fish’s mouth when you set the hook.

Most bass fishing applications are best suited for a graphite baitcasting rod and reel combo BUT there are exceptions to this rule. Anytime that you are finesse fishing with smaller baits a composite spinning rod and reel combo is a better choice. So crankbait fishing and finesse fishing are two techniques where a composite rod is your best choice.

What is the best bass fishing rod for finesse tactics?

Finesse bass fishing refers to downsizing your lures for finicky bass. There are times when those normal sized crankbaits, spinnerbaits, worms and jerkbaits just don’t get any bites. That is the time to try some finesse bass fishing tactics.

The best rod for finesse bass fishing is a spinning rod. Yes, the spinning rod is your best choice for fishing smaller lures and for more subtle presentations. The spinning rod and reel combo is more efficient than a baitcasting rod and reel combo when it comes to fishing with smaller baits.

Some of the more well known finesse fishing techniques use worms to catch finicky bass. A drop shot rig is a finesse bass fishing rig and a medium action spinning rod and a 2500 series reel is the best choice for that technique. You simply tie a worm about 12 inches or so directly to your line above a sinker. This technique works great for bass with lockjaw.

A wacky rig is another finesse technique when you should use the rod and reel combo mentioned above. This technique is simply hooking your worm right in the middle of the body and casting it out. You don’t have to make your own action. The worm’s action as it falls through the water column is all that action that you need to catch fish.

Another great finesse fishing lure is a shaky head jig. This technique is similar to the wacky rig where you just cast it out and let it sink to the bottom. The difference in this scenario is that you slightly twitch your rod tip to make the worm shake on the bottom. This little bit of shake is what often gets hard to catch bass to bite your lures. The medium action spinning reel combo mentioned above is your best choice for fishing a shaky head jig too.

If you are using a small crankbait, a small Carolina rig, a small spinnerbait, a small tube bait……. then you are finesse fishing and should use a medium action spinning rod and reel combo. For just about every other bass fishing scenario a baitcasting rod and reel combo might be a better choice for you.

largemouth bass

What does line weight mean on a bass fishing rod?

The line rating on a fishing rod is a suggestion about what line weight will be the most effective when paired with a properly functioning fishing reel. This includes casting lures and baits as well as fighting fish.

You should comply with the line ratings of your fishing rod or you risk catastrophic failure of your rod blank. It will start with crack and eventually lead to a broken fishing rod. If your rod line weight suggestion is 8-12 lb., then you should not use a line weight heavier than that.

What does test curve mean on a bass fishing rod?

All that this is referring to is that amount of weight necessary to bring the tip of the rod to a 90 degree angle to the butt of the rod. That is really all that test curve is referring to. So if the test curve of the rod was 5 pounds, then a 5 pound weight attached to the tip of the rod would bend the rod to 90 degrees of the butt of the rod.

What does heavy action on a bass fishing rod mean?

A heavy action rod is very stiff and when you add pressure to the tip only the top 1/3 of the rod will bend. This may also be referred to as a fast action rod. Fast action refers to speed at which the bent rod will snap back to straight.

For example a slow action rod is also a medium action rod. This type of rod will bend down 2/3 of the rod’s length when pressure is applied to the tip. That rod will take longer to straighten out when pressure is taken off of the tip of the rod.

What is a fast action bass fishing rod good for?

Fast action bass rods are very stiff and stout. They are also heavy power rods that are great for fishing in thick cover and vegetation. You need a strong rod to get those big bass out of the floating weed mats, submerged tree branches, lily pads or anywhere else where the bass can get wrapped up in underwater structure of some sort.

What is a slow action bass fishing rod good for?

A slow action rod is great for bass fishing with crankbaits and spinnerbaits. The slow action and medium power of a slow action bass rod is great for crankbaits because it won’t pull the hooks out of the bass’ mouths. You want those types of rods to have lots of give so you will not tear the hooks from the mouths of the bass.

How much does a good bass fishing rod cost?

Graphite rods are typically more expensive than a fiberglass fishing rod. The graphite rods are lighter but are more apt to snap when a lot of pressure is applied to them. You can expect to pay at least $60 for a decent bass fishing rod. You can pay up to $200 for a bass rod but as long as you pay at least $60 you will be okay.

How long is a good bass fishing rod?

The length of a good bass rod depends upon what techniques and fishing conditions that you are fishing in. In general, bass rods range from 6.5 feet to 8 feet in length. You can find some a few inches shorter and longer but that is the average range of bass fishing rods.

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