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What is the best wacky worm to use for bass fishing?

The best wacky worms to use for bass fishing are those that are almost symmetrical on both ends. Many bass fishermen use senko worms but either way you want a worm that will flutter to the bottom as it descends through the water column.

This type of finesse bass fishing is a great way to catch bass when they bite is hard to get. You really do not need to add any action to the lure when you are using a wacky worm. You simply cast the wacky worm to where you think the bass are and let it sink. How easy is that? This is a great way to introduce beginners to bass fishing.

You will have to pay attention to your line as your worm descends through the water column. Most of the bites that you will get with this fishing technique will happen as your worm falls. You will have a hard time feeling the bite so you will have to watch your line carefully.

I am a Bass Fishing Charter Guide on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I have been catching bass in the lakes, ponds and canals all over Florida for more than 40 years. In the article below, I will teach you every thing that I know about bass fishing with a wacky worm.

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What are the best wacky worm colors?

You really only need to get 3 different colors of worms for fishing with wacky worms. You will want a green pumpkin colored worm; a watermelon colored worm and a black worm. Those 3 colors will cover every water clarity condition that you will encounter out there on the water.

The watermelon colored worm is more translucent than the other two colors. Those translucent types of lures are your best choice if you are fishing in clear water conditions. The bass will get a really good look at your lure so this natural colored worm will get you the most bites even in gin clear water clarity scenarios.

The green pumpkin colored wacky worms will work the best in the stained water conditions that are typical in most lakes and ponds around the United States. This color gives you enough natural contrast for the bass to find it easily.

The last color that you will need for your wacky worms is black. Black is the color that you will want to have when you are fishing in very dirty and murky water conditions. The black worm will give lots of contrast versus the dirty water background. The bass will be able to easily target your worm in that scenario.

What is the best size wacky worms should I use?

The size of the wacky worm that you use is a very important decision to make. As with all finesse bass fishing techniques, you are trying to get finicky bass to bite even when they do not want to bite. Choosing the right size of wacky worm can make or break your fishing day.

Your choices in wacky worm sizes will usually be somewhere between 3 and 7 inches in length. The most popular size is about 4 or 5 inches for most fishing scenarios. The reason why the wacky worms work so well is because they are so much less intrusive to the bass’ environment than some big noisy lure would be.

My recommendation is the 4 inch senko worm for your wacky rigs. The smaller worms often seem to get a bite more as an after thought than an aggressive attack. It is almost like the bass if thinking,” I’m not in the mood to eat right now but that quiet little worm sinking right there won’t hurt anything.”

Can I add a weight to my wacky worm rig?

You can buy weights designed specifically for fishing with wacky worms. They are called wacky weights and you can add them to your worm if you need to keep the worm perpendicular in the water. You might need to add weight to the wacky worms that you are using when it is very windy or when you are fishing in a river with current.

Adding weights can help you very much when the fishing conditions are not optimal. If you are fishing in an area that is especially deep then you might want to add some weigh to your wacky worm to get it down to where the big bass are hanging out.

What is the best hook size for a wacky worm rig?

A wacky worm rig hook is a good choice when you are using this fishing technique. You can use any old hook but the wacky rig has become so popular that many companies have begun to build hooks specifically designed for fishing with a wacky rig.

There are weedless and non weedless types of wacky worm hooks that you can use. The worm hooks are usually on the small side and look more like a circle hook. The hook size is usually a 1/0 sized hook. You can move up to a 2/0 but the idea of the wacky worm finesse rig is a subtle presentation.

What is the best wacky worm rod and reel combo?

The best rod and reel combo for fishing with a wacky worm is a light spinning reel. You can use a 2500 series reel and a 7 foot long medium power fishing rod. You will want to use light line as well. A 12 pound mono filament line will work just fine for just about every wacky rig fishing scenario.

The wacky worm technique works great in super clear water conditions when the bass can see your lure very well. The simplicity of this finesse bass fishing technique is what makes it work so well.

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